USA: New York Researchers

Those who are looking for Gillespie records in

New York State

Hugh Campbell     James Gillespie & Mary Porter, Brooklin

Mike Comer            David Gillespie & Jane McQuaid from Kingston, Ontario

Tiffany Davis         William Gillespie from England

Paul Gilbert            Brother Brown & Gustavus Gillespie 1793 to New York. May Gillespie & Joseph Driesbeck to Wisconsin

Bobby Gillespie   Neal Gillespie & Mary from Isle of Islay, Scotland

Frank Gillespie    Neal Gillespie & Mary, 2 sons from Isle of Islay, Scotland.  John Gillespie & Sarah McCreery from Ireland

King Gillespie     King William Gillespie, s/o Thomas, Lawrence, NY to Lincoln, Nebraska

Lee & Debra Gillespie         Eugene Frederick Gillespie & Francis Winn

M Gillespie           James Gillespie & Francis Litts

Claire Higgins     Bridget Gillespie (1852-1883) & Michael Higgins, Hudson, NY

Derek Hastings   Samuel Gillespie & Esther Rainey from Co Armagh, Ireland 1727 to Montgomery, Orange Co, NY

Dave Johnson     William James Gillespie

Lori MacCormack    Cornelius Gillespie & May, Orange Co, NY

K. Muberka        James Gillespie & Mary Porter

Diane Parks       Sylvanis Gillespie & Angela Park

Denis Ready      Walter Gillespie & Mary Agate, Geneva, Ontario Co, NY

John Relyea      William Henry Relyea & Margaret Gillespie, Massena. To Ontario, Canada

Reuben Roach    No details.