USA: South Carolina Births & Baptisms

Lon ALLEN, child of John Julius Allen and Rebecca Gillispiee, South Carolina

Leila ALLISON, child of Jessie W Allison and Mary Gillespie, South Carolina.

Annie Belle Bargiol BELL, d/o Joseph Jacob Bargiol and Emma Gilluspie, South Carolina.

Bessie Marie BARGOIL, d/o John Jacob Bargoil and Susan Emma Gillespie, South Carolina.

Joseph Allan BARGIOL child of Joseph Jacob Bargiol and Susan Emma Gillespie, South Carolina.

Harry Gillespie CUSHMAN, s/o Frederick Brookman Cushman and Kate Gillespie, South Carolina.

William Clyde DARNELL, s/o Mack Jesse Darnell and Mary L Gillespie, South Carolina.

James Augustus EDWARDS s/o William Edwards and Mary Gillespie, South Carolina.


Addie Gillespie birth Sept 6, 1900 Pendleton, Anderson, South Carolina. d/o William Curb Gillespie, Lethia Landreth.

Alma Marie Gillespie birth April 30, 1899 Andereson, Anderson, South Carolina. d/o Wesley A Gillespie, Alma Mullinax.

Annie Gillispie, birth Feb 1, 1896 Chesterfield, South Carolina, d/o Phil Gillispie & Janie Mcqueen.


Clara Gillespie birth Jan 12, 1883 Cherass, Chesterfield, South Carolina. d/o Phil Gillespie & Jane Mcqueen.


James Arthur Gillispie birth Sept 5, 1900 Chesterfield, South Carolina, s/o Garfield Gillispie and Alline Bloomfield.

John Gillespie birth Oct 10, 1886 Chesterfield, South Carolina, s/o Phil Gillespie, Jane McQueen.

John A Gillespie birth June 14, 1887 Henderson, South Carolina. s/o William H Gillespie & Mary Jane Shipman.


Mack Gillispie, birth Sept 10 1900 Chesterfield, South Carolina, d/o Phil Gillispie, Jane Mcqueen.

Mary Francis Gillespie birth Nov 6, 1898 Bennettsville, Marlboro, South Carolina, d/o Perry Henry Gillespie & Mary Ella Campbell.


Viola Gillespie birth July 26, 1895, Bennettsville, Marlboro, South Carolina. d/o George W  Gillespie, Alice Reese.


William R Gillespie birth Jan 27, 1881 Laurens, South Carolina, s/o James H Gillespie, Fannie Bazwell.

Henrietta GLAZENER, d/o William Henry Glazener and Kannie Gillespie, South Carolina.

Charles G LUTHER, s/o Jn Frederick Luther and Mary Gillespie, South Carolina.

Lonnie Odell HENDERSON, d/o George Washington Henderson and Mary Ann Gillespie, South Carolina.

Mary Estelle HOWELL, d/o of Eugene E Howell Gillespie & Mary Montez Vann, South Carolina.

Robert JACKSON, child of John Jackson and Rosa Anna Gillespie, South Carolina.

Rose Anna KOLLOCK d/o Thomas Kollock and Hannah Gellespie, South Carolina

Sam LESLIE, son of Wess Leslie and Rachel Gillespie, South Carolina.

Leila PRESSLEY or Purdy, d/o J C Pressly and E F Gillespie, South Carolina.

Pearl RANSEY, d/o Alex Ramsey and Laney Gillespie. No further information. South Carolina.

Crease ROGERS, child of Jesse Rogers and Charlotte Gillespie, South Carolina.

Elizabeth THOMAS, d/o Andrew Thomas and Beckie Jane Gillespie, South Carolina.

Allen WILLIAMS, s/o Cuffie Williams & Martha Gillispie, South Carolina.

Source of Records: Mormon website

Record Count: 30