USA: South Carolina Marriages

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Andrew Gillespie married Grizella Purdy 1783, South Carolina

Andrew Gillespie married Jane Jennie Pursley 1783, South Carolina

Anna Gillespie married James Tuart Baskin  1779, South Carolina


Daniel Gillespie married Agnes English 1779, South Carolina

David Galaspie (Gillespie) married (Mrs) Mary Rogers (a widow) May 17, 1770, South Carolina (2nd record gives date as May 12, 1770).


Elizabeth France Gillespie married James C Pressley, South Carolina]


John Gillespie married Jane Livingston 1780, South Carolina


L M E Gillespie married Henry Hardy Penney, South Carolina


Mary Gillespie married M I K Bowen April 30, 1845, South Carolina

Mathew Gillespie married Frances Patterson Feb 1780, South Carolina

Mathew Gillespie married Rachel Ward Feb 18, 1808 South Carolina


Nancy Woodroe Gillespie married William Henry Brooks Nov 1785, South Carolina


Robert Gillespie married Martha Durand July 26, 1785, South Carolina

Source of Records: Mormon website

Record Count:  13

(Note: some dates are suspect as not explained on source between 1700s and 1800s, just listed as ’89 for example. So dates for 1700s may be 1800s, but how I interpreted them) 


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