USA: Tennessee Miscellaneous Records

April 1792 Sumner Co, TN stock marks & brands:  William Gillespie

Letters Left At Post Office  & Tax Notices

Unpaid Taxes 1808 William Clasky 150 acres; James Gillespie 640 acres. Taxes not paid 1806, 1807.

Letters left at Post Office Knoxville Jan 1, 1808:   William Gillespie

Delinquent Tax List:  James Gillespie 3030.  E F Big Thombigby

Letters at Post Office Knoxville July 1, 1808: Fanny Gillespy

Letters at Post Office Knoxville Oct 1, 1808:  Thomas Gillespie

The following lands are not listed for taxes in 1808, but are liable for a double tax“:  Daniel Gillespie, 1000 acres (Bedford Co, TN?)

Unpaid taxes Williamson Co, TN Jan 1809:  Isaac Gillespie, 748 acres situated at Flat Creek.ury Co, TN delinquent Tax List Dec 1809: J Gilspie’s heirs, 220 acres. Big Tomighy.

 Jan 1, 1810 Letter left at Dixon Spring for Nelson Gillespie. “Unpaid taxes for 1809, property will be sold in April next.”

Letters left at Post Office Jefferson, TN Aug 10, 1810: Lewis Gillespie

Unpaid taxes for 1810 for Williamson Co, TN  John Gillespie, 323 acres Flat Creek

Unpaid taxes for Bedford Co, TN 1810, Sept 7 Daniel Gillespie 1000 acres Flint River.

Williamson Co, TN, Jan 11, 1811 Reported March 15th. “The following tracts of land will be sold in Franklin the 1st Monday in next month“:  John Gillespie 323 acres.

Lincoln Co, TN Delinquent Tax List (land to be sold) Daniel Gillespie 620 acres 1811

Franklin Co, TN Tax List 1812 Lewis Gillespie

Total Records: 11